Lichtenstein make-up

18 30 octobre 2009 | Arty, Forme & Beauté par
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Se prendre pour les héroïnes de bande dessinée du célèbre artiste américain Roy Fox Lichtenstein, figure emblématique du mouvement pop art, il fallait oser. Même si le résultat final de cette réincarnation travaillée minutieusement au maquillage reste néanmoins bien différente que sur les planche de comics, la démarche artistique n’en reste pas moins originale. Découverte !





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  3. Rodrigo

    Perfect! Congratulations

  4. vernon marsh

    Seems hardly worth the trouble.

  5. zwenkwiel

    they should have used different size and spacing to indicate light and dark area’s
    you know what the technique was designed for
    now it’s just a girl with dots on her face

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  8. nick

    retarded, I agree with zwenkwiel, the dots should be of different size to convey depth. the dots look like a failed atempt to make art.

  9. Charlotte

    So do it right, yourself.

    Ah…boys, fine, I’ll do this look next time I have a costume party. *with* proper shading technique.

  10. Liz

    Unless the girl has age spots, tan lines, or uneven skin tone, all of her skin is the same color. The dark and light areas are just shadow and light and change with her expressions and position. So if this was for one single photo, yes, maybe they should have changed the dots. Otherwise, how she did it was perfect.

  11. sir jorge

    that’s really cool

  12. Sara

    I think its original, give the artist credit. Ive never seen someone do this before, kudos to the artist!

  13. señorita aina

    pues yo pienso.. que esta muy bien echoo =)

  14. Chas

    Lichtenstein did not try to convey depth in his art. In fact, that was part of the point. He wanted his work of art to be on object. Why make try to convey depth on a live person emulating a work of art that did not try to convey depth. The make up is great!

  15. Chas

    *an object * make-up

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  18. CindyPsych

    I agree with you, Chas. This is a wonderful representation of Lichtenstein’s work and it completely in spirit with it. The haters should shush if they don’t know what they’re talking about.