Deep Water

0 30 janvier 2010 | Food & Drink par

Un très gros coup de coeur pour le superbe packaging du pack de 4 bouteilles d’eau minérale Deep Water imaginé par le designer américain Jesse Kirsch. Une mention spéciale pour le traitement graphique blanc du logo qui prend place verticalement sur toute la bouteille. Joli !



Description originale

Elegant and clean typography along with a  unique caddy design allows Deep Water to stand out from its competition. The large white letters of DEEP along with small droplet in pale blue allow the clear water inside the bottle to remain prominent and appetizing. The caddy, which features a self-holding joint, needs only a small sticker on the other end to remain closed. The sticker not only acts as a means to keep the caddy closed, but also serves as its label including a barcode, price and other information. Two small notches in the caddy allow the customer to hold the 4-pack comfortably.

Credits & copyright Jesse Kirschvia

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