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Réalisations de l’artiste australienne Bianca Chang spécialisée dans le travail du papier et actuellement designer junior à plein temps dans le studio Frost* Design de Sydney, un coup de coeur pour ces très belles sculptures en papier représentant les lettres A, T et V. Tous les détails en images et le making of en vidéo dans la suite !

Plus de détails en images dans la galerie

Le making of intégral en vidéo

Description originale

Letter A. 150 x 185 mm / 180 hand-cut layers of 80gsm paper / Framed in white.
This one went to the very lovely Annabel and Andy. Annabel came to me looking for a birthday present to accompany the Eames chair she had already purchased at auction for her husband Andy – he is one lucky man! Although, being a letter A, I think this was secretly a present for herself as well. In any case, it’s great that they can both enjoy the piece – it sits on their living room shelf. Quite a few people enquired about how I was able to create the spiralling form in the centre of the Letter T for Tom, so I decided to document the making of Letter A with this short video. Hope it is somewhat illuminating.

Letter V. 180 x 220 mm / 180 hand-cut layers of 80gsm paper / Framed in white.
Commissioned by Weena for Vivien. The girls have been good friends since primary school and Weena decided to give this letter V to Vivien on her 25th birthday.

Letter T. 180 x 220 mm / 180 hand-cut layers of 80gsm paper / Framed in black.
I was approached by Mikey, who works in Frost* Fashion, to create a sculpture as a birthday present for his boyfriend, Tom Ferguson – a prominent Sydney architect. Mikey wanted a gift that was personal, unique and catered to Tom’s artistic sensibilities. Later that week, Tom unwrapped “Letter T” and said it was the “best present he had ever received”. Nice!

Credits & copyright Bianca Chang

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