Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

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Créant presque la confusion au premier regard, on a totalement craqué sur cette excellente idée et recette de « Ladybird« , une jeune australienne de 20 originaire de Sydney qui a imaginé ces très appétissants cupcakes aux faux airs de chocolat chaud agrémenté de marshmallows. Baptisés « Hot Chocolate Cupcakes », découvrez tous les détails en images et la recette dans la suite !

Hot chocolate look-a-like cupcakes from Ladybird - via

« 1, To make these cupcakes I first made a batch of vanilla cupcakes. Then, once cooled, I peeled off the cupcake papers.
2. I then smoothed white chocolate ganache over the sides, leaving the base and top uncovered.
3. Once the ganache had set (about 30 minutes), I attached a measured strip of white RTR fondant. The strip was wide enough to match the height of the cupcake and to give room to hold the cupcake icing to follow.
4. To attach the cup handle I lay the cupcake on their sides and attached a small strip of fondant with a little water.
5. Next I made the italian meringue icing (see below), which I coloured brown with brown food colouring.
6. I then carefully spooned the icing into the ‘cups’ and smoothed gently then topped with miniature marshmallows. »

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  1. Sarah Farrukh

    so hot and Yummmy i need this cup :P